Sunday, November 8, 2009


My artist, Ivan was engaged for airbrush face painting for Bacardi Ghouls Night Out, Halloween Nite at Clarke Quay Main Atrium on 31st October 2009, Saturday.

He airbrushed on guests face and hand. He did a quick job, on average 5 to 8 minutes per guest. Some guests like horror scars and others like spiders & webs.

On that night, he used UV body paints and you could see UV effect under florescent tube.

'Spider' mother and her 'Wolverine' son.

The 'Killer'.

The devil sisters.

This girl moustache was not done by my artist. I suppose her family drew for her.

The pretty 'Spider' girl and her 'Barcode' boyfriend.

The 'Bloody' man.

The half 'Skull' boy.

The 'Big Mouth'.

The 'Chucky' buddies.

The poison 'Scorpion' lady.

The most adorable ghost.

Normally, the event company or client will provide us with tables & chairs. However, we always reach the venue at least 30 mins earlier to display our booth. We add lights, displays & designs to make our booth more attractive. Same for our Airbrush Tattoo, we will set up our display with multi lights, photos & designs.

Scary Scary Nite

Adorable Ghost

Roaring Ghost