Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ivan was engaged by Ramen Play on 20th & 27th Feb 2010 at 313@Somerset Food Republic to airbrush for 10 models for both Saturday.

They were 6 guys and 4 pretty girls for each day.

For 1st Saturday, Ivan airbrushed 'Ramen Play' logo in multi-colour and tribal tattoos on the 6 guys full back as per client request.

For 2nd Saturday, the client wanted to have only 'Ramen Play' wordings with 2 wings in black colour on the 6 guys shoulder.

For the 10 models, he airbrushed 'Ramen Play' and 4 chinese characters on their front chest.

They were mingling from 313@Somerset along Orchard Road till ION Orchard and returned to 313@Somerset.

They distributed flyers and 'Ramen Play' tattoo stickers to passerby.

Lots of passerby requested to take photos with them.

Models Mingling Along Orchard Road - Day 1 Video

Models Mingling Along Orchard Road - Day 2 Video